I was born and raised in Yekaterinburg, Russia. I grew up amidst the architectural heritage of constructivism, concrete factories, and panel districts from the "perestroika" era. When I started pursuing art photography in 2019, I discovered that this entire background strongly influences my photography projects.

The central theme of my creative work revolves around reflections. It represents my endless contemplation of the duality of existence, distinguishing between what is real and what only appears to be.

In urban spaces, I am captivated by forms, lines, light, and color. Through them, I explore the geometry of the space that humans create for themselves.

Nature is perfect. It exists on its own and doesn't require us. I constantly question whether humans can organically blend into landscapes and scenery. Is it possible for nature, humans, and the structures they construct to coexist harmoniously? Through my art, I aim to showcase examples of such harmony, reminding us that it is indeed possible.